COMMERCIAL ENTRIES (including Case Studies)  
maximum length 5 minutes

Great Storytelling  If this were a book it'd be a page turner. Or, when viewing it has you think 'absolutely sharing this one, who won't relate to it?' 

Exceptional Cinematography  The WOW factor! That is to say, I can mute the sound and still have my eyes glued to the screen. A creative work of art. Stellar lighting, amazing camera work, and a unique visual way of telling a story.  

Outstanding Visual Effects  Holy $%#! Is this for real?! The answer we're looking for is no.

Best Direction  When a performance is so on point that you feel the director's skills are successfully seeping through.

Innovative Digital Craft  Aptly blending content with technology, made to create an engaging user experience.

Spectacular Animation  An ode to those who imagine, and create... All while sitting behind a screen - not a camera.

Creative Sound Design  The feeling that you became a part of the commercial thanks to the sound surrounding you. 

Best Music Video  "Unforgettable" says the viewer after repeated play...

Stellar Editing  Telling a story by way of sensational editing techniques.

Memorable Branded Content   All those videos you share that merge style with substance and resonate with you on an emotional level... only to realize that it's actually branded entertainment. 

Our winning compilation reels are now a part of The British Film Institute National Archive and The Paley Center for Media in New York and Los Angeles' permanent collection.